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Non-Gmo Grocery

Non-Gmo Grocery is the application to give more information about GMOs producs by tying in with target group behaviors how they do grocery shopping. This mobile application combines grocery list, price comparison, non-GMO information of general food and individual product, and calories tracker, which could transport information to other application. After research and interviews with target group, young professional aged 25-35 who care about health and always eat clean food, the conclusion showed that our target group barely care about GMOs food due to lack of health effects evidences by GMOs products. While shopping they don't really use phone that much except for Chatting and to see a to-buy list. The factor they concern for grocery shopping are organic food, nutrition fact (calories), price, brand and, location. You can see the motion graphic explain how Non-GMO Grocery works on the first Vimeo link.

final non-gmos.jpg
final non-gmos 2.jpg

Non-Gmo Grocery Application by Krongporn Thogongarj