Graphic Designer/ Illustrator/ Traveler

Ground Rules.

Ground Rules is a house supply brand that secretly helps you establish your boundaries with a roommate. We provide products with secret messages inside to remind your roommates their responsibilities. Customers make an order through our online platforms and will get subscription box monthly. Also, we provided the app for subscribers to use to communicate apartment’s to-do-lists with other roommates. The application will send a reminder to each person when it’s his or her turn to do something. There are 4 categories of tasks based on the common area people share with their roommates includes kitchen, bathroom, living room and money. After you are done with your task, the app will require you to take a picture to show your evidence. The winner of each month will get a reward from other roommates.

This is a project for Allan Chochinov's class, part of the Designer as Author and Entrepreneur MFA program at the School of Visual Arts (2017).


Photograph by  Santiphap Thengtrirat

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